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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wind Resistant Housing - A Safe Feel of Living

Wind Mitigation is used as a tool of planning for construction near coastal areas. In order to minimize losses caused by intense wind speeds, special techniques must be executed on their structures. Certain companies' offers this kind of insurance for buildings situated in coastal areas, hoping to get a fixed rate on their premiums. The primary condition necessary to get windstorm discounts is that the building should be designed to have hurricane resistant features.
Homeowners situated in coastal areas like Florida have windstorm insurance, which is submitted to their respective insurer alongside a Wind Storm Inspection Report. Discounts can be afforded depending on key aspects such as construction features and location.
In the case of any incident and damage to the building, the inspector visits the affected area, checks the construction features present on a home, like the roof, ventilation, plumbing and electrical work. A particularly vulnerable factor of Florida homes is water leakage, especially from the roof.
Heavy Winds In Florida

As heavy winds that accompany storms are a very common phenomenon in areas such as  Miami, Florida, wind mitigation inspections are a crucial service, which is meant to reduce insurance premiums of Miami citizens. An authorized inspector visits the house, inspects key features such as the roof, shutters and other necessary features in the home. These wind mitigation reports are submitted to the insurance company to get the related windstorm discounts. 
Usually, the inspector takes fees at the time of or before the inspection. The charges depend upon the square footage area of the house while the process can normally take 20-30 minutes.
Property Valuations are also done by the inspector. These evaluations are required by the insurer to calculate the value of exchanging any property, which may be insured in case of damage
Factors of a Wind Resistant Home

Prior to preparing a Wind Mitigation Report, the following key factors to be considered to make windstorm resistant home near the coastline of Miami:
·      Robust home construction: Properly constructed homes are meant to counterbalance the consolidated weight from all of its wind resistant shields/features.

  •        Balanced Construction: The construction has to be large enough to balance sideways and bear the elevated load.
  •     Wind Resistant Shielding:  Shielding has to be designed to resist maximum wind pressure from multiple directions

  •         Pressure Baring: Pressure loads kept more than suction loads.

  •         Roof Design: Hipped roofs are preferred.

  •         Roof Slope: a Sharp slope in the roof to prevent it from rain.

  •        Location: A building should be on a predictable water path to avoid the risk of surges and floods.

  •             Proper Pressure Release: Decrease unwanted pressure by creating suction on the outside wall. This can be done by use of ridge vent away from the end of the building.

  •          Door Placement: Any opening or doors in the building should be kept away from strong tornado zones.

  •          Preferred Materials: Materials like concrete have higher resistance to winds, and can fare strongly in the windy conditions of hurricanes, thunderstorms, and windstorms.

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